Yep ^_^ Ver. 0.1, Flying Saliva. 'Cause Treble Charger is just all-mighty. ^____^ Picture from Treble Charger.com. Go there, buy stuff, use their backrounds and screensavers, and become a scary fan like me! ^___^ YEAAH!

^.^ Fanarts!

This one is a little big, and it's also an entry to a contest. ^_^ The Mory Holiday Hoo-blah Contest, that is. Here is the link, so you can see. (if you want) It's Mory's Friend being Yuna for Halloween, if you didn't see it the three times on the page @_@;;

I haven't updated in forever.. I'll put some more truff up later. ^^;;


-_- Cogeco is annoying.

Curses to Cogeco


^_^ I found the song "Smells like teen spirit". I bought a funny hat. NIRVANA AND HATS! ^_^_-_-_^_^ <-multiple personalitys) With the lights out, it's less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us! I feel stupid, and contagious, here we are now ENTERTAIN US!
Feet are good.

4:32PM Thurs. Aug. 29th 2oo2.

Guess who Iiiiii'm obsessed wiiith o/

I like blue.
Um. He's blue daba di daba di o/ *and I'm an idiot.*
He killed his non-fitting t-shirt thing 'cause it was bugging him. Me too.

5:49PM Wednesday Aug. 28th 2oo2.


Yay! It works! This is Sporkie. Yes, Sporkie. He welcomes you to my new sketchblog in his Fighter-half-elf-dorky way. ^.^ Rah.

2:40PM Friday Aug. 23rd 2oo2.

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